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The Having-It-All Debate is a Crock.


Let’s smash it.

Whenever I read an op-ed or hear a speaker or a panel wondering if women can have it all, my hackles rise. If this hackneyed question yielded novel insights, then surely after years-and-years of asking it, we’d have it fully answered by now. The “Can Women Have It All?” debate has not provided the answers because it’s asking the wrong question about the wrong subject – and so, of course, it’s not generating new cultural insights or inspiring personal breakthroughs.

To create change, we’ve got to change the conversation.

I do that.

Significantly and deliberately.

In my signature speeches, I pushback on the notion that mothering automatically stops women’s progress or that parenting and career-building are irreconcilable pursuits. (They’re not, and I have evidence.)

Instead, I outline a provocative new way to consider women’s lives, roles and selves – so that we can invent a new way forward. So that we can modernise motherhood.


“Not only is Danusia a powerful, eloquent communicator, she is thought-provoking and moving. Danusia doesn’t mince her words – she delivers an impactful message most delegates remember well after her talk. In fact, one of the most repeated take-aways from our conference (featuring a number of speakers) was the message that Danusia shared with our audience. Danusia is professional, impressive and fab!”

Rina Goldenberg Lynch, Founder of Voice at the Table


Big Cultural Questions & Epiphanies

Danusia Malina-Derben is an electrifying speaker who speaks on women and work; mothering and self; and what it takes to succeed as an ambitious working mother. In her book, NOISE: A Manifesto Modernising Motherhood, Danusia tears up the old rulebook on how to be a mother, cutting through the cacophony around motherhood that drowns women out, and drags them down. “Noise is the erosion of our sense of self,” she says. “We forget who we are. Who we want to be. And we forget what is possible because we allow the Noise to dictate it for us”.

As Founder & CEO of a C-suite consultancy, Danusia brings her academic career-track background in Organizational Behaviour and Development as a ‘toolkit’ advising senior executives and top leaders on how to perform optimally.

She will deliver one of her signature speeches to your audience or develop a bold new talk especially for your event. Danusia is available for keynotes, panels, debates, breakouts and workshops. She’s spoken to intimate groups, appeared on highly-publicised panels with icons and experts, and delivered keynote addresses at conferences and large events.

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