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SFM Special Report: Mothers & COVID-19

 We are happy to report that our evidence reached the UK Govt Women’s and Equalities Committee on time, as promised. Since then we’ve been putting together our SFM Special Report: Mothers & COVID-19 for wider audiences.

It’s been humbling meticulously delving into the SFM COVID-19 survey data of hundreds of mothers’ words as they lay bare the inside of how they’re faring in this pandemic. About jobs. About partners’ ability to work. The *right* atmosphere in the home. The food that keeps people going. The day to day [night included] care of children. The entertainment and edutainment of all. The desperation. The protective measures from corona. The homeschooling. The juggling. The haircuts. The financial plate spinning. The emotional load. The mental toil. The strains. And sometimes, the opportunities. The joys. The home strengthening. The raw, absolute love.

What our findings show is that MOTHER’S DESERVE FOCUS. 

Our summarising infographic is below. You can read (and download) the full report here: SFM Special Report_ Mothers & COVID-19

Please feel free to share the REPORT and to be in touch with your thoughts and/or questions at hello@schoolformothers.com.