BONUS EPISODE: VISION at the Mpower Awards

What vision do you have for yourself, your business/career and your family? School for Mothers are sponsors of the Vision category of the MPower Awards, run by the wonderful Nicola Huelin (Guest on #ep20 CHEER). This special bonus episode celebrates all the finalists and mothers with vision everywhere. We asked the Vision category finalists to share with us how their vision for their business and family brings impact. We have 5 wonderful finalists sharing on this topic and about their journey. 

In order of appearance: 

  • Emma Ashford is a sleep therapist, founder of Sleep Seekers and mum of 2. She helps people to press the ‘reset button’ on their sleep so they can get the rest they so desperately need.
  • Eleanor Tweddell is the founder of Another Door, a community supporting people through redundancy. After 23 years in corporate life, including working at Costa when it had 5 stores, Virgin Atlantic and running the graduate programme at Vodafone, Eleanor was made redundant. From there she began to explore the world of freelance, and then set up a few small businesses. She now mentors people to take a leap and move from corporate to start up, and helps people discover their hidden talents when they get made redundant.
  • Deborah Brownson MBE is a British autism campaigner. She campaigned successfully for autism to be included in teacher training and wrote a leading guide to the condition He’s Not Naughty! 
  • Debbie Gliniany, mother of 2, set up Yoyo Parties 3 years ago and runs Little Soldiers Bootcamps with her husband, Robert Gliniany who is a Royal Engineer veteran of 14 years.
  • Alison Wyatt, an Independent Occupational Therapist and Director of Breakthrough Therapy Solutions Ltd., a Children’s Therapy Service covering Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.


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