“My Father Taught Me…” How would YOU finish this sentence? It’s coming up to Father’s Day here in the UK and so we thought we’d include a special episode called ON FATHERS to sit alongside our recent hotly listened to MOTHER’S DAY Special. We’re celebrating fathers: for their love and support, their jokes, their smiles, and most of all their lessons. I know of many different father stories from people from all walks of life. I know fathers who are heroes and fathers who have pulled disappearing acts. I also know that many of the lessons we learned from our fathers stay with us for life, whether these lessons are positive, neutral or negative.  We’ve invited a select group of women from across the world to contribute to a compilation-style episode sharing their thoughts on what their fathers taught them. These honest shares unearth the complex relations between fathers and children.

A big THANK YOU to (in order of appearance):

  • Sine Gyrup, mother of a daughter and living in Geneva.
  • Chloe O’Sullivan is the founder of War to Peace®, a conflict resolution methodology she devised over a decade ago and has shared with over 4,000 people globally. She is also a wife to Richard, and mother to Safi, their wonderful daughter whom they adopted four years ago. She is an avid-globetrotter, singer and a fan of comedy ~AKA tragedy plus time!
  • Nicki Auret ~ city professional, school mum, trusted adviser and best friend
  • Erin, A level student & Feminist
  • Ninna Amora from New York City and Creator of Live Embodied
  • Karen Roswell – professional photographer, living a gluten free life; wife and mother based in the UK.
  • Jennifer Jay: mother to one girl, Queens NYC, working for social justice in the not-for-profit arts & education fields.
  • Harriet; introvert Pisces, sister & favourite child.
  • Becky, working mum of 2


On Fathers

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