Post Pandemic Motherhood – Katherine Goldstein – SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT

It’s time to get real about the impacts of the pandemic on motherhood. It’s not just homeschooling that’s taken a toll on us all, it’s as if motherhood has gone under a microscope and there’s no returning to normal. My guest Katherine Goldstein, host of the Double Shift Podcast, and I explore:

Why it’s time to choose anger over guilt Who has to step up to intensive parenting Making motherhood political Why this isn’t our problem Whether women are leaving the workforce or are we forced out?

About my guest, Katherine Goldstein:

Katherine Goldstein is the creator and host of The Double Shift Podcast a reported show the challenges the status quo of motherhood in America. An award-winning journalist, speaker, and media entrepreneur, Katherine is extensively quoted as an expert in issues facing working mothers in the NYTimes, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and on WNYC and NPR.

A Harvard Nieman Fellow, ‘17, She runs Double Shift Productions as an independent journalism company out of Durham, N.C., where she lives with her husband, five-year-old, and twin babies.

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