Parenting Beyond The Binary with Clare Willetts: Founder of Not Only Pink & Blue

We’re challenging stereotypes in today’s Sunday Supplement episode. My guest, Clare Willetts, and I explore the dangers of stereotypes and the impact they have on individuality, creativity and worldview. From ‘girl’ toy aisles that are 100% pink and baby mad, to the hyper-masculine ‘boy’ aisles that encourage destruction and fighting – the noise around gender is loud from birth. If you’re wanting to parent on the basis that gender does not define your life path (or anything else), this is the episode for you.

About my guest, Clare Willetts:

Clare is CEO and Founder of Not Only Pink and Blue an online retailer challenging stereotypes in children’s clothes, books and toys. Clare set up not only pink and blue to challenge the tradition of dressing girls in pink and boys in blue. After all, there are 11 colours and over 10 million shades to choose from! As well as all the colours, she wanted to see more inclusive books with diverse role models, and toys that feed imaginations.

Clare previously worked in marketing and advertising for 20 years leading agency teams at TBWA and M&C Saatchi, before going on to head up Customer and Brand Experience at Virgin Group. Now as Founder of she delivers talks about the long-lasting effects of stereotypes and works with leaders from multiple fields to map and promote the benefits of a world that does not stereotype children.

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