Overcoming Challenge After Challenge with Susie Lodge: Founder of Wiki Places for Kids

You know those times when you think things really can’t get any worse?…and then they do. Today’s episode is all about getting your arse kicked (by life!) and picking yourself back up again. My guest for this fab convo is Susie Lodge, Founder of Wiki Places for Kids. We get right into how to overcome obstacles over and over again in business, life, family and beyond.

About my guest, Susie Lodge:

Susie Lodge is the founder and director of the award-winning platform Wiki Places For Kids. Available online and as IOS and android apps, wikiplacesforkids.com Is a TripAdvisor for parents looking for things to do all across the UK where everything has been added and recommended by parents. The mum of three says the app will be a game-changer for time-poor parents once the restrictions are lifted as it will ping you to let you know what is open and what safety measures are in place in venues all across the UK, saving you time from searching from site to site.