Emma Campbell and Dave Wilson join me for an episode full of radical honesty. We explore how they met, the impact of cancer and alcoholism on their relationship, and a whole load of revelations too. Emma, @limitless_em,  is a writer and the author of All That Followed – A Story of Cancer, Kids and the Fear of Leaving too Soon. Dave, @soberdave, is a speaker and sober coach.

Emma is a writer, speaker, blogger and cancer patient.  She started her blog, ‘Me and My Four’ in 2011 documenting life as a single mum to baby triplets and their big brother whilst recovering from breast cancer. Emma’s first book, All That Followed – A Story of Cancer, Kids and the Fear of Leaving too Soon, was published in August 2018. She’s a former columnist for Best Magazine, writes regularly for Multiples Magazine, has written for The Sun newspaper and will shortly begin writing a regular column for Women’s Running magazine.

She’s appeared as a guest on several popular podcasts including the BBC’s award-winning ‘You, Me & the Big C’ and her recent speaking engagements include discussing ‘Controversies On Breast Cancer’ at the Cambridge Union and appearing on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ in a short film discussing what it really means to be ‘cancer free’.  She continues her close relationship with Cancer Research UK and currently features in a campaign produced by CRUK and Telegraph Spark.

Emma’s known on Instagram as @limitless_em where she shares her ongoing cancer journey (and new found passion for running!) with honesty and humour.  

@SoberDave, Dave Wilson, is passionate about encouraging open, honest conversations about booze, especially involving other men. Dave runs his own carpet company and has appeared regularly on various TV makeover shows, including over 200 episodes of ’60 Minute Makeover’. Dave is husband to Emma, father to George and step-father to triplets and a teenager.

What we cover:

  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Alcoholism / Sobriety 
  • Cancer
  • Radical honesty

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