HEART – On Sharing Home Chores (Fairly)

Sick and tired of being the one to think about *E – V – E – R – Y – T – H – I – N – G* at home – from birthday gifts, cleaning {or organising the cleaner}, planning life, + remembering to put the bins out—basically the whole shebang?

You’re not alone. Lockdown’s been a magnifying glass on all those niggling chores that nobody else picks up. If you could, would you renegotiate sharing these domestics and who thinks about them? The mundane repetitive stuff that has to be done by someone. But does it need to be you? Course not.

Join my guests and I, as we explore exactly how to divvy up the domestics fairly: Rebekah Bostan – Corporate Professional and Diversity Advocate + Joy Foster – Founder of Tech Pixies  + Evelini Quarrell – Podcast Host