Having Sex with Men – Kristopher Lovestone: Sex Educator and Author

“Having Sex With Men” < it does what it says on the tin..! My guest this week is Kristopher Lovestone, relationship counsellor, sex educator, and author of Conscious Cock. This ep delves into the world of sensuality and having sex with men… We explore:

  • Improving our relationship with our own sexuality and our partners’
  • “Rejection as redirection”
  • How to pinpoint what we want, and ask for it
  • How to support sexual exploration
Kristopher Lovestone is a sex educator and relationship counsellor who survived six divorces in his childhood and went on to rewrite the rules of the relationship game so that people can actually win. He now teaches people how to succeed through communication, modern sex education and innovative relationship strategies. His techniques have yielded him a wildly successful 15-year marriage that gets hotter every year, and he published his teachings in his new book Conscious Cock: The Empowered Sexuality Manual For Men. He has been called the “Einstein of relationships” and is endorsed by many of the top sex educators in the world.

Kristopher’s book is included in this month’s School for Mothers giveaway – why not head over to Instagram to enter (it’s super simple). Look for the pumpkin and books image!

What we cover:

  • Sex
  • Sex education
  • Men as pursuer? 
  • Rejection >> Redirection


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