Leave behind the idea that you can’t be a mother and have a life – it would be great to say that it’s ridiculous in 2021 for this to even be a topic of conversation, but yes, my guest Ericka Sóuter and I really ARE talking about exactly this.

About my guest:

Ericka’s an author, journalist and parenting expert and a nationally recognised voice in parenting news and parenting advice. A regular contributor on Good Morning America and other national broadcast outlets, it’s her job to speak to parents across the country to stay on top of the issues, controversies, and trends most affecting families today.

Her work appears on the Bump, What to Expect, CafeMom, and Mom.com, all high-traffic parenting sites that reach millions of mums each month. Her writing has also been featured in People magazine, Us Weekly, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Self and WebMD. Expect strong opinions, real talk, and straightforward advice on how to be a mother AND have a life.