REFUSAL with RACHEL PESSO: Storyteller, art director and big-hearted humanitarian

In this week’s episode entitled, REFUSAL, Danusia and Rachel open up a conversation on the subject of not wanting to become a mum.

Rachel Pesso is a storyteller, art director and big-hearted humanitarian, who helps incredible, passion-fueled entrepreneurs and companies make a massive impact on this planet with their big dreams, and even bigger hearts. She designs beautiful websites to showcase big visions.

Recent clients include Kim Anami, Laverne Cox (Orange is The New Black), Jadah Sellner, and Heather Ashamara.


  • The honest and heartfelt story of why Rachel Pesso doesn’t want to become a mother
  • The surprising truth of how external expectations make you feel judged
  • What it is really like to make loved ones understand that you don’t want children
  • What motherhood looks like to Rachel
  • A powerful lesson on standing up for your dreams
  • Her quest to live a life that does not revolve around children
  • How she CAN´T STAND denying her own truth
  • How she deals with the fixed perception of motherhood



  • “For me there is a fear, what kind of person am I being labeled as for not wanting to be a mother?”
  • “You can often be judged really quickly when you say you don’t want to have children”
  • “If it is not a hell yes it is a hell no
  • “How will I feel in 20 years from now, I’m not sure but I am not willing to decide something based on that”
  • “There is so much hardship that goes into motherhood”
  • “I have been growing since I discovered my voice and my truth”
  • “I am constantly pushing into the uncomfortable”
  • “Just because you are good at something, it doesn’t mean you should do it”
  • “I think changing the model of motherhood would benefit so many people”
Once you push the ends of your comfort zone out, they never come back in, you can never take that experience away from you. (10)


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