Jo Wimble-Groves writes the popular blog “Guilty Mother” about her experience balancing work commitments and motherhood. The blog has gained an impressive following. Besides blogging, Jo is a motivational speaker and expert in leadership and management. She is also the co-owner of Active Digital, an award winning mobile telecommunications company. Jo is a mother of two children.

As a freelance writer, Jo shares business and leadership advice with a number of news media including The Guardian, Training Journal, InStyle UK and Huffington Post Parents. Jo has spoken at numerous events including Microsoft, Apple and Reed Smith. She runs workshops for businesses and schools to inspire confidence in women, helping them to become business leaders or take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Jo has received a number of awards; The Young Guns Award for growing businesses, the Female Entrepreneur of the year in 2007, ’35 under 35′ in Management today as seen in the Times & Top 6 Employer of the Year in 2013 & 2015.


  • Jo’s quest to deal with her mum guilt
  • The divine intervention that led her to start the blog Guilty Mother
  • Her strategy on how to deal with guilt
  • The power of a supporting environment
  • What she can’t STAND about the concept of the perfect parent
  • The surprising truth about the relationship between guilt and love
  • When guilt can be a good thing
  • Practical tips on parenting



  • “I had this feeling of mum guilt. I didn’t know what to do with it or where to go with it”
  • “We should have guilt, because if we don’t it means that we don’t care”
  • “Everything you are feeling at this moment is completely natural and it is okay”
  • “The key relationship that I have with guilt is the guilt burglar. He comes and steals all my energy”
  • “I am 75 percent there to feeling less guilty, but I definitely haven’t shaken it off”
  • “Parenting is the hardest job we will ever do”
  • “Guilt is a normal emotion we all carry”
Once you push the ends of your comfort zone out, they never come back in, you can never take that experience away from you. (9)


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