SWITCH with Priscilla McKinney: CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Keynote Speaker, Blogger, Podcast Host, industry innovator and diversity champion.

Priscilla McKinney is the CEO of Little Bird Marketing, keynote speaker, blogger, podcast host, industry innovator and diversity champion. Priscilla has been featured on several podcasts, she is the president of American Advertising Federation Heartland and has received numerous design, entrepreneurship and industry awards. Priscilla is a feisty catalyst and some call her the “dream whisperer”. She is also one rocking mother.


  • Priscilla’s keys to the shift of gender roles
  • When moving is a good thing
  • Why it made sense to switch roles
  • The value of waiting 10 years to have kids
  • The power of community
  • The secrets to success when switching roles  
  • What it is like being the breadwinner
  • How Priscilla deals with carrying different responsibilities
  • The power of having a positive outlook
  • Lessons on how to let go of the mum you ought to be



  • “Switching roles doesn’t happen overnight”
  • “There is no perfect division of labour and responsibility”
  • “I believe in micro actions and that things are accumulative”
  • “For good and for ill we are connected, if you aren’t, you don’t have a community”
  • “It is not just the benefits of community, you have to give to the  community”
  • “I haven’t liked some of the feedback I have got, but I have had to deal with it”
  • “We stand on the shoulders of women, who defied gender roles”
  • ”I’m the sole breadwinner, it all hangs on me and I have to make the right decisions”
  • ”I think it is a beautiful thing I don’t have to know everything about my children”
  • “I have never stopped wishing for myself”
Priscilla McKinney



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