GAZE with Lacey Haynes: yoga teacher, spiritual guide and movement practitioner.

Wondering how far you’d go to find your inner strength? Join me as I discover the inside journey on why Lacey Haynes, yoga teacher, spiritual guide and movement practitioner made the decision to have an unassisted pregnancy and delivery – no medical intervention at ANY stage.

This episode is about so much more than her free birth, we cover how Lacey had the revolutionary idea to start ‘Pussy gazing’ workshops and how connecting to our Pussy leads to reclaiming our own womanhood. Trust us, this is one not to miss!

Lacey is a long-time yoga teacher, spiritual guide and movement practitioner and a mother of one child. Through a variety of approaches, she helps women become more confident, powerful, playful and sensual while releasing societal conditioning, healing blockages and past trauma while releasing addictive tendencies. Her work focuses on the revolutionary and untapped power of The Creative Feminine. She believes in the potentiality of the womb and the pussy to both harness new life and create epic art.


  • The breathtaking story of having a pregnancy without medical interventions and a free birth
  • Wisdom on trusting our body and its capacity
  • A powerful lesson on the implications of taking FULL responsibility for herself and her unborn child
  • Why Lacey uses the word pussy
  • The “a ha” moment that led her to share pussy gazing
  • Practical tips on how to connect with your pussy
  • What it’s like becoming aware of, and connected to, your pussy
  • The power of the wild and juicy pussy
  • How living from the centre of your pussy transforms you into a powerful Woman



  • “My whole journey was one of fear and trust”
  • “A birthing woman will always have more fear than anyone else in her life ”
  • “Every time you tell your story, it implicates other people and their stories as well”
  • “This is where it starts; trusting the journey of your body”
  • “It became this meditative thing to lay down and just look at my pussy”
  • “I started to develop a three dimensional relationship with my pussy”
  • “Pussy is wild, wet, hairy, she changes colour, she changes texture”
  • “I live from my pussy and my womb”



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