DISRUPT with Jess Butcher MBE, Entrepreneur, Mentor, NED and Angel Investor.

Jessica Butcher is a visionary technology entrepreneur, influencer and a mother of three. Throughout her career, Jessica has built successful businesses from scratch and has co-founded Blippar and Tick

Jessica has received numerous of entrepreneur and technology awards, including the BBC’s ‘100 Women’ and Fortune’s ‘Top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs’.She was awarded an MBE for services to digital technology and entrepreneurship in the New Year’s Honours list 2018.


  • A powerful lesson on how to manage being a successful disruptor AND a Mother
  • What it means be a disruptor
  • How a scrappy and ugly CV turns into being a strength
  • The divine intervention that led her to set priorities
  • The power of leaning-in and leaning-out in Life
  • Why failure should be seen in constructive ways
  • The massive value of being a generalist, (yes really)
  • What she loves MOST about motherhood
  • Wisdom on how her biggest learnings as a mum apply to the corporate world
  • The surprising truth of what Jessica defines as power
  • What perspectives are missing in the public debate on gender



  • “Self-awareness about what you do, why you do it and when you do it, is what is so important”
  • “The strongest lessons you get in life are normally the negative ones”
  • “If you want to scale your business, you have to delegate”
  • “Being scrappy is fine because you cannot wait until things are perfect”
  • “Get comfortable with messy”
  • “I want mothers to feel proud in all the decisions they make
Jess Butcher quote


Website: https://www.tick.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessbutcher

TED Talks herehere and here!


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