HITCH with Darya Haitoglou, Psychologist & Relationship Coach

Darya Haitoglou is a psychologist, relationship coach and mother of two children. She began her career in the UK managing international consumer brands for Procter & Gamble. Then she moved onto human resources and eventually she became HR Talent Leader for the P&G Geneva hub. She quit her corporate job in Switzerland to move back to the UK, where she wanted to focus on transforming people’s life/work. She works across countries and speaks five languages. She is known for helping leaders enrich relationships in order to build successful and meaningful businesses.

Darya is author of the bestseller “Enrich Your Relationships” and she also writes for the Huffington Post and has featured on BBC radio shows.


  • Darya’s intel on what to look for in your soulmate search
  • Discover the impact of biological chemistry on who we are attracted to
  • Lessons from Darya on no-goes in relationships
  • The lowdown on how Darya predicts whether a couple are a good match
  • Learn about Darya’s non-negotiables that help her sustain high energy
  • The power of nourishing habits and why these matter
  • How Darya navigates her sexual needs
  • Her wisdom on key Do’s and Don’ts to maintain long-term relationships



  • “I was so sure he was my soulmate. If you are not sure, maybe he is not the one.”
  • “Behind your biggest fear lies your greatest dreams.”
  • “A relationship is one of the most difficult and fulfilling parts of our lives.”
  • “Habits rule our lives.”
  • “It’s beautiful to be in a flow but I believe that flow can be created by consistent little things.”
  • “We have one rule, we share everything.”
  • “People who share the deepest secrets, they are the most connected.”
  • “Women are really powerful and we are much stronger on the inside than on the outside.”
Darya quote



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