Alien with Hannah Martin, Founder of Talented Ladies Club

Hannah Martin is the co-founder of the online magazine Talented Ladies Club (TLC) and also mum of two children. The purpose of the club is to inspire and empower ambitious mothers to reach their dreams. TLC has reached more than 82,000 readership of unique visitors a month. Besides publishing daily articles, focusing on realities of what it is like being a woman, a mother and to be ambitious, Hannah and her team organise a monthly membership club and practical online courses that empower mothers to take realistic steps towards what they want to do. Hannah is an award-winning copywriter with 20 years of writing experience, a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

She is also an experienced speaker who has spoken at Mumsnet Workfest and International Women’s Day events, and appeared on BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. She has been featured in and written for a wide range of newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Stylist and Psychologies.


  • Hannah tells the story of how she went from being a shy introvert ordinary girl to becoming a successful copywriter
  • A sneak peek into what sparked Hannah to create TLC
  • Learn how Hannah sees the role of identity and why this affects so many mothers negatively
  • Discover how Hannah’s fear of ending up living a small life led her to take some life changing decisions
  • Why “difficult times are a gift” advice is perfect for mothers with ambition



  • “Any change you make is going to feel strange and it is going to feel a bit wired and different, but if you consistently act in a particular way over time, that becomes the natural way that you are.”
  • “You’re not stuck with the personality you think you have. You can keep or change it, if you want.”
  • “I don’t think being a mother can fulfil you, rather you have to be self-fulfilled.”
  • “In times of difficulty, you get to be brave, because when life is comfortable, life is easy.”
  • “Once you push the ends of your comfort zone out, they never come back in, you can never take that experience away from you.”



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