Tune in to episode 14, EROTIC, where entrepreneur and Founder of Serafina’s World, Sally Blenkey, joins Danusia in a revealing and transformational conversation about how her business journey led her to organize parties for women and couples helping them to explore their erotic selves.

Sally Blenkey was the first person spray tanning in the United States and she developed her own line of products called Brazil Bronze Glow Bar. She has sold her products on QVC and has a large celebrity clientele. After being around so many naked people she formed her next company Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp, a workout for women all about feeling good in your own skin, using burlesque and striptease as a starting point. She founded The Pink Chardonnays, a touring burlesque troupe featuring women of all ages, shapes and sizes. In 2017 she started Serafina’s World to create parties and retreats for women and couples wanting to create more happiness in their lives by tapping into the healing and inspirational powers of the erotic. As well as being a successful entrepreneur and business owner, she is also the mother of two daughters.


  • What it is REALLY like to spray tan celebrities
  • Danusia shares her story about her own spray tan with Sally
  • The “a-ha moment” that made Sally create a workout programme for women
  • The divine intervention that led Sally to make her own erotic exploration
  • Danusia asks Sally to share what erotic means to her and why it is important
  • A powerful lesson on building a safe space for women to explore their eroticism
  • Practical tips on how to deal with feeling invisible
  • How Sally explored erotic parties in NYC
  • What Sally CAN’T stand about the masculine approach to sex and erotic



  • “I spray tanned pretty much everyone you wish to see naked”
  • “Straight married white women have the worst sex life in the world”
  • “The minute we light our own spark and ask for more, the world will respond”
  • “My new paradigm is to teach women how to be the leading lady in a script they write for THEMSELVES”
  • “The sensual erotic side of mothers is (often) overlooked by others and self” – Danusia
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