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In episode 13 called DOMINO, Danusia is joined by Jo Love; entrepreneur, influencer and award-winning founder of the online marketplace Lobella Loves. Jo raises awareness of postnatal depression and the importance of creating more visibility on this topic. Jo shares her own story and provides helpful advice on self-care and how she deals with PND in her professional life.

Jo Love is a successful entrepreneur and the award-winning founder of online platform, Lobella Loves. Jo is a passionate influencer on mental health issues and has launched various campaigns to bring about change on the topic, among others the ‘Notes of Hope’ campaign, Tea for PND events and recently #depressionwearslippy on Instagram. Jo suffered from postnatal depression herself and through her brutally honest stories of her own struggles, which she posts on @lobellalovesjo, she has become an advocate for maternal mental health. On top of that Jo built a business designed to make a difference and donated a percentage from every single sale to Cocoon Family Support, a charity supporting families suffering from pre and postnatal mental health issues. Most recently Jo has begun focusing more and more on mental health advocacy and consultancy. Jo is also co-host of the podcast What I Wish I Had Known.


  • A powerful lesson on struggling with postnatal depression and at the same time being a strong woman
  • Jo’s strategies on how to deal with postnatal depression
  • The power of breaking the silence  
  • Tips on the road to recovery
  • The divine intervention that led her mum to break silence after 35 years
  • What it is really like to get a diagnosis
  • Practical tips on self-care and setting up a support system
  • The value of being transparent with your struggles



  • “Depression can be very isolating. It feels like it wants to keep you away from people.”
  • “The combination of having a mental health issue along with motherhood is a very powerful force.“
  • “It took a long time for me for the penny to drop that this was an illness. ”
  • “Motherhood hit me and I couldn’t keep up with the perfectionism instilled in me.”
  • “By me opening up, I hope it will help the next person opening up, who will help the next person to open up. I am happy to be that first domino.”
  • “I see myself as a wave. A wave doesn’t erode the cliff in one go. It does it in tiny incremental ways.”



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