Cheryl Benton, episode 12 guest, is smiling at the camera. Beside her image, words read GROWN UP, with Cheryl Benton - episode 12.


In episode 12 GROWNUP, Danusia and author, public speaker and Founder of The Three Tomatoes, Cheryl Benton address the important but often overseen topic of women and ageing. Get Cheryl´s insights on how media and society tend to limit ageing women in realising their full potential and some fascinating real-life examples of how fifty plus women make a real impact in the world.

Cheryl Benton is founder of The Three Tomatoes, a digital lifestyle media platform for “women who aren’t kids”. She is also a wife, mother of a daughter and grandmother (her favourite title). She is also the author of a novel, “Can You See Us Now?”. Her CV includes an impressive career in the NYC advertising agency business as a top executive at some of the largest agencies in the world.

She is a recipient of the “Distinguished Alumni Award” from Adelphi University. She has also been inducted into the Business Marketing Hall of Fame, and was named a top CEO by SmartCEO magazine. She is a frequent speaker on marketing to women and women’s global issues. She leads the NYC Leadership Council for Plan International USA. For many years, Cheryl was actively engaged with the U.S. National Committee for United Nations Women.


  • What sparked Cheryl to create The Three Tomatoes
  • A powerful lesson on how the media shape our perception of women of age
  • The value of celebrating women of age
  • Her quest to change society’s perception of what aging looks like  
  • What feeling invisible looks like
  • How she manages questions related to her age
  • Tips on embracing the era of your life
  • Her wisdom on why being fifty plus is the best time of your life
  • The secret to success when you are a woman of age and you are to make a change of career



  • “The people who worry the most about dying are under forty and the people who worry the least are over seventy”
  • “I see myself as a vibrant, active sexy woman”
  • “We can continue to evolve in each stage of life”
  • “These women are embracing who they are now, the best of that and they put it out in to the world to see”
  • “Don’t count us out! We have a lot to offer at every stage of our lives”
  • “When you start to get into your fifties and plus, it is truly the best time of your life”
  • “As we get older, we have the opportunity to explore all the pieces of us”
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