PURPOSE WITH EMMA STROUD: Businesswoman, Speaker-Mentor, MC, Comedy Performer and Theatre Director

In episode 11, “MASK”, Danusia and business woman, speaker, MC, performer, writer and theatre director Emma Stroud cover the subject of how we all seem to cover our authentic selves up by masks.  Listen in and find out more about how Emma uses masks for different purposes.

Emma Stroud is a businesswoman, speaker-mentor, MC, comedy performer and theatre director and a mother of her gorgeous young son. She has heads-up an international leadership consultancy Truth Works, with her business partner. They help senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs find, speak and live their truth. Besides that, she is a comedy performer creating sell-out shows for over 15 years. She performed and produced an award winning One Woman Show called Coming Out of My Box . She is also part of the successful and highly-acclaimed improvisation group “Yes Women Improv!”. Emma is also the person behind the movement “Be more banana” and is the ONLY Ted talk speaker to have performed her talk dressed as a banana. Emma hosts a variety of national business events including the European Women in Sales Awards at The Savoy Hotel, the European Women in Construction and Engineering Awards and the Business Women in Action National Conference.


  • Lessons on the professional masks Emma has played
  • Tips on how she manages different masks
  • How she dealt with masks during birth
  • The power of giving yourself permission to be your authentic self  
  • Why unmasking can be a GOOD thing
  • What sparked her to pursue her mission in life
  • What it is really like being dressed up as a banana
  • Her wisdom on being more banana
  • The value of choosing the masks that serve you
  • A powerful lesson on trusting the process



  • “I think we all have various clowns inside of us”
  • “Having a mask gave me so much freedom”
  • “Most people have masks and they might not even be aware of them”
  • “We have to become our own home”
  • “For a lot of us, we put on a mask to protect ourselves”
  • “Just be the best you, be REALLY who you are here to be”
  • “We don’t have enough joy and fun in our lives, and we get caught up in being very adult”
  • “The banana costume was just a vehicle to help other people unmask their own sense of fun and joy”
  • “In order to unmask ourselves and truly be ourselves we have to let our little child play”
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