Black Maternal Health – Mars Lord – SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT

“We need to start looking at what it is to see black people thriving because the floor is not a good enough bar”. My guest, Mars Lord, has the mic to say what needs to be said on the topic of Black Maternity. This is a no-holds-barred, clarion call for change to be made. We cover racism in maternity and beyond, what the government needs to do and how we can create positive change too.

Watch The Black Maternity Scandal: Dispatches with Rochelle Humes episode here

About my guest, Mars Lord:

Double award winning doula and birth activist Mars Lord has been a birth keeper for well over a decade. After attending the Paramana Doula course with Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers, a spark was lit within her and the passion that she discovered for birth and supporting parents has fired her soul ever since. She has had the privilege of working with hundreds of families. A birth activist, with a desire to see the ‘colouring in of the landscape of birth’ and finding out the reasons for the maternal and neonatal morbidity rates amongst the BAME community, Mars created Abuela Doulas a doula preparation course primarily, but not exclusively, for women of colour. Her desire for reproductive justice led to the creation of the ‘Reproductive Justice Retreat’. Mars speaks out against cultural safety and reproductive justice and racism in maternity services (and beyond) regularly in the media.