NUDE with Kimberly Simms: Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Yoga Instructor and Nude Fitness Model

What does nudity mean to you? For my guest this week, it means connection to self and sacredness. The Naked Yoga Goddess, aka Kimberly Simms, shares her story of getting back to self after a loss,  through naked mirror work and yoga in her attic. Settle down for this episode it’s full of laughter and energy!

Kimberly Simms is a Mother of 4 children, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Fitness Model, Transformational Energy Worker, Femme! Attuned, Vinyasa 200hrsERYT & Bikram Certified Yoga Instructor. Kimberly first started doing Yoga in her living room with Rodney Yee DVDs in 2000 because that was the only way she could afford Yoga, as a new mom. Those videos inspired a new way of life, focus, and thought. With certifications in both Hatha and Vinyasa Kim often jokes, she’s balanced because she can “hold and flow.” After 20 years of practice and over 10 years of teaching, Kim believes strongly that Yoga: the union of mind, body, and breath, can create alignment and synchronicity within day to day events of life. Yoga has always kept her connected, rooted, and open to Divinity and Humanity.

In 2014 she went through a period of depression and deep grief, after the sudden transition of her mother. Naked mirror work was an intuitive practice Kim used to help her find her way back to herself. Being naked and practicing Yoga daily in her attic, spontaneously, became her map, through the labyrinth of sadness and unworthiness. On her Yoga mat, she learned to slow down and look at life pose by pose; this was her way back to remembering Self. Her account of this time was given in her published writing entitled, “In the Attic,” in 2019. Today she brings that same sacred journey to students by creating a container for Human Beings to feel safe, loved and free to be naked, vulnerable, and powerful. Practicing Yoga in this way acts as a gateway to Kim’s greatest mission; which, is to change the way humans feel and think about their naked bodies. Her efforts are inspired to replace the negative narratives about the body with celebration and gratitude of our individual beauty.

What we cover:

  • Body confidence
  • Empowerment
  • Grief
  • A Room Of One’s Own


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