NORM with Mandy Lehto – Coach & Corporate Trainer

Is this the perfect opportunity to think outside of the NORM? Mandy Lehto, coach and corporate trainer, joins me for an episode all about coping with a time that’s totally NOT normal, and using it to get clearer. We get into: 

  • Devotion // Discipline 
  • People pleasing 
  • Bouncing back

Dr. Mandy Lehto is an in-demand personal and executive coach and writer in London. She has a doctorate from Cambridge University, and in her former career, was a Director at a global investment bank in the City. Even earlier back, Mandy’s eclectic list of jobs includes working at a funeral parlour, tutoring disadvantaged kids, and teaching aerobics classes in a shiny leotard. She has written for, or featured in, Psychologies Magazine, The Sunday Times, Psychology Today, Top Sante, The Huffington Post, eFinancial Careers, and on CNBC. She’s a recovering overachiever, who’s on a mission to help women to identify less with their doing, and more with their being. She believes that when we show up from a heart-centred, I’m-enough place, sharing our gifts and opinions from a place of service (rather than trying to be impressive) life shifts. Mandy lives in London with her husband, 2 teenaged kids, and her toy poodle, Herbie. She believes that sitting down for 10 minutes with a cup of earl grey tea can cure just about anything.

What we cover:

  • Coping with COVID-19
  • Meditation
  • People pleasing
  • Over-achiever
  • Being not doing


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Mandy’s 12 Month Digital column in Psychologies Magazine


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