Relationships and COVID-19 with Darya and Alex Haitoglou

“Have low expectations. You’ll be surprised how little we need to be happy” << That’s my favourite quote from my conversation with Darya and Alex Haitoglou.  In this episode, my very first with a couple (!), we explore how we can find a new flow that suits both partners, how to manage emotions in close-quarters and how we can strengthen our relationships during crisis. 

Darya is a leading relationship expert and the author of Enrich Your Relationships best-selling book, Enrich Your Relationships Online Programme and Founder of the Institute of Virginia Satir in the UK. An avid student of humanity, she holds a First Class Honours in Economics, a degree in Psychology, and a master’s in Philosophy from Cambridge University. Darya is also a certified NLP trainer, an ICF-certified coach, and an experienced strategic intervention facilitator. 

Alex is an Inspirational Leader & Facilitator of Change and Co-Founder of Enrich Global. Alex’s passion is to help people transform their lives and follow their dreams. Currently a top executive in a large UK company and a certified NLP trainer, he holds the belief that it is people that make businesses ethically successful. An advocate of direct communication and exploration of our personal limitations to reach for higher and more meaningful purpose in life, Alex is also husband and soul-mate to Darya. This makes him a willing test subject – he might say a guinea pig – for practically all new and wonderful relationship tools that Darya teaches, as well as some that don’t go any further than experimentation.

What we cover:

  • Managing stress
  • Balancing work/family/relationships during exceptional times
  • Finding flow


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