Danusia reflects on the only episode she didn’t publish and the reasons why. Join her in celebrating, and closing out the last episode of the pod – and hear about what’s in store in the next chapter. In this episode you’ll hear:

> What happened when Danusia made a tiny list of guests she didn’t want on the pod – and how Katie Hopkins (no.1 slot)  became her guest;

> How the Katie Hopkins interview went and why it sat unpublished on Danusia’s podcast shelf for so long;

>Moments from this interview that left Danusia agitated – including how this sharpened her need to review who gets voice;

> How Danusia ‘drawing lines’ on what can and cannot be said and what gets to be made public impacted her thinking;

> Why the distinction Danusia explores between freedom of speech and safety for women and marginalised people, is crucial;

>Why hearing from people with different views has nothing to do with seeking agreement – and how this matters for our children;

>How this process sparked the future of the pod.

I love School for Mothers, it’s an injection of badass”

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