Together, we must and can advance in making sure girls rising in this world becomes a sustained reality. This is the heart of my conversation with tech entrepreneur, Jo Wimble-Groves who is also mum of 3, an author and passionate advocate for women and girls.

Her book Rise of the Girl engages with how to help our daughters fulfil their potential and achieve success in this challenging world. Our girls show us starkly that they are struggling and Jo and I talk about this toll on relationships, friendships, mental wellness, academic progress and more.

This is not an episode that follows the seven conversation starters Jo suggests in her book (though we touch on these topics including poor self-esteem, low self-worth and lack of self-belief). Buy the book for that friends. Instead, we ponder the plight of boys and young men as well as why, right now, Jo had to start with the rise of girls. This is a crucial conversation…

About my guest:

In 2016, Jo started her Guilty Mother blog about parenting, work-life balance, and how we instil resilience into our kids – it now has over 50K followers on social media. Jo has been named as one of Management Today’s “35 under 35” in The Sunday Times. In October 2021 Jo published her first book, Rise of the Girl from DK.