What happens when you get to 37 and you’re single, and being a mother is the only thing you’ve ever truly wanted? My special guest this week is Liv Thorne, director of a web agency, who made the increasingly popular and big decision to go it alone. She bought some sperm and off she went. Easy? Not at all. Liv charted her journey to motherhood in her amazing book, Liv’s Alone. We talk everything you’ve always wanted to know about getting pregnant without a partner, being professionally single, and how it’s panning out for her as a solo mama…

About my guest:

Liv Thorne is a director of a web agency, mum to her son Herb, butler to Elvis the 12-year-old scruffy terrier as well as running @livsalone. Liv is in her early forties, but if you mention that she may flick you. There is a saying that ‘everyone’ has a book in them’, she just didn’t realise hers would be about buying sperm, as she has just released her debut novel ‘Liv’s Alone – Amateur Adventures in Solo Motherhood’. Liv is not an expert in fertility, or solo parenthood (or anything!) just a girl who desperately wanted to become a Mum and so did what she could to make that happen despite being professionally single, and now wants other people in her position to feel less alone whilst trying to normalise non-traditional routes to parenthood.