It’s like puberty for the middle aged and yet, till recently ~nobody~ was talking about it. This week I delve into issues surrounding this “taboo” topic that’s busting out all over, with my brilliant guest, Meg Mathews.

As Founder of Megs Menopause, Meg empowers women through honest and frank discussion on all things menopause. Meg believes that we can’t find harmony and resonance within ourselves without truly understanding what’s happening in our bodies. Listeners, I couldn’t agree more. Listen in and see what you think!

About my guest:

Meg Mathews is the founder of MegsMenopause, and has become a spokeswoman to raise awareness to the chronic lack of support of women going through the menopause in the work place and in all areas of their lives. She launched a full range of intimate beauty products to help tackle menopause symptoms and these products have been covered by national and international media including British VOGUE, Red Magazine and GRAZIA.