Unpacking the evolutionary pressure of being a woman. My guest this week is Dr. Anna Smajdor and we’re exploring the pressure on women to reproduce and become mothers – and what that means in reality for us as individuals and a collective. We question whether men are put under pressure in the same way, the ethics of the motherhood experience, and the ways that motherhood *hasn’t* progressed or innovated like the rest of society. Join us for this chunky episode packed full of thought-provoking and myth-busting ideas.

About my guest, Dr. Anna Smajdor:

Anna is an associate professor of practical philosophy at the University of Oslo – working in the field of reproductive ethics. Anna has written extensively on questions about reproductive technology and particularly interested in the relationship between the needs of society for new citizens, and the interests of women, as those who are tasked with gestating and giving birth to these new citizens.