#135: RAGE – JULIE GRAHAM: Writer and Actress

What’s the problem with being an angry woman? This week I’m joined by actress and writer Julie Graham to explore all things RAGE. Yes, we’re tapping into the power of all things anger and more. We cover:

Fierce Feminism Why we aren’t “allowed” to show rage or anger How this holds us back Menopause + Mental Health Why being attractive is 100% not our job.

About my guest, Julie Graham:

Julie Graham is an actress and writer. She’s been a firm favourite in UK television for 35 years, with her best-known credits including At Home With The Braithwaites, William And Mary, Shetland, Being Eileen, Benidorm, Bletchley Circle and her most recent project Dun Breedin’ – a Youtube comedy-drama created remotely during lockdown.