#132: RULES – GLYNNIS MACNICOL – Writer and Author of No One Tells You This

What are the “rules” of being a woman? Do they include becoming a mother? This week’s episode is all about whether motherhood is a calling and what that means for women who don’t become mothers. My guest this week is author Glynnis MacNicol. In 2018 her memoir, No One Tells You This, Glynnis explores the question “If the story doesn’t end with marriage or a child, what then?” and how that impacted her as she turned 40, single and child-free. We get right into the RULES of womanhood and, most importantly, how women everywhere are striving to subvert them.

About my guest, Glynnis MacNicol:

Glynnis MacNicol is a writer and the author of No One Tells You This: A Memoir (S&S, 2018). Her work has appeared in print and online for publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Cut, New York Daily News, W, Town & Country, The Globe & Mail, The Daily Beast, GEN, and ELLE, where she was a contributing writer. She lives in New York City.