BLOW with Eleanor Tweddell – Founder and Author

Dealing with the BLOWs of life. My guest today is Eleanor Tweddell author of Why Losing Your Job Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happens To You. We’re exploring the highs and lows of success + failure, anger/revenge and getting in agreement with it all. Top quote from this episode’s got to be “I don’t give a shit anymore

Trigger warning for this episode: mention of miscarriage

About my guest, Eleanor Tweddell:

After being made redundant a few years Eleanor wondered what else she could be doing. After 23 years of corporate life, working for great brands like Costa Coffee, Virgin Atlantic and Vodafone she decided to set up her own business. She wrote a blog about being out of work, and now that is the business she runs, along with her writing and her book, which was published by Penguin this autumn. She now helps people through losing their job, to make it the best thing to happen to them.