FEED with Allegra Benitah – TV Chef & ‘Challah Mummy’

How do we FEED our ambition? I’m joined by TV Chef and “Challah Mummy” Allegra Benitah for a conversation on FEED. We get right into:

– What FEEDs Allegra’s ambition and how this has changed over the years
– What FEEDs her passion for all things challah and growing fruit and veg at home
– Allegra’s decision to step away from her career as a Magic Circle Tax Lawyer when she became a mother – and how that doesn’t make her any less ambitious for herself

Here’s a quote from Allegra that I adore “Being a mother ramped everything up for me intellectually”.

About my guest, Allegra Benitah:

Allegra Benitah read Law at Magdalene College, Cambridge before qualifying as a Tax Lawyer at a Magic Circle Law Firm. After the birth of her first child, Allegra walked away from her legal career to be a full-time Mum. Allegra began baking to entertain her children and became a TV Chef and Instagram baking personality known as the Challah Mummy. Allegra has appeared on many TV Shows, including ITV’s This Morning, Good Morning Britain and James Martin’s Saturday Morning.