MEET with Sara Tateno: Founder of Happity

MEET felt like a rather apt title after a year of limited meetings, and needing to meet plenty of new challenges, too! In episode 123, I’m joined by Founder of Sara Tateno. We get into >>>

– How Happity began
– Gender neutrality in parenting
– The power (and importance!) of support networks
– Combining motherhood + startup life
…. and more!

About my guest, Sara Tateno:

Sara is the co-founder of, the UK’s leading platform for finding and booking classes for under-5s. She is passionate about connecting new parents in their communities to make life better. Sara worked in corporate roles before having children. She had the idea for Happity during her second pregnancy having been abruptly made redundant. Determined to bring her idea to fruition, yet knowing nothing about tech, she started learning to code with her baby in tow and went on to build the first versions of the site. She now oversees the Product and Technical aspects of Happity, with a team that has always worked flexibly from home, long before Covid came along!