THIN with Emma Woolf: Writer and Journalist

My guest this week is writer, broadcaster, and journalist;  Emma Woolf. Emma’s a prolific author (and journalist + broadcaster) – several of her books focus on eating disorders, including her own journey. As National Eating Disorder Awareness Week approaches, Emma and I discuss the impact of ED’s on life (for everyone involved), recovery and so much more.

Emma Woolf is a writer, critic, journalist, former columnist for The Times and Newsweek, and TV presenter on Channel 4’s Supersize vs Superskinny. Often heard debating and reviewing on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Ulster.

Bestselling books include:

  • An Apple a Day: A Memoir of Love and Recovery from Anorexia
  • The Ministry of Thin: How the Pursuit of Perfection Got Out of Control
  • Letting Go: How To Heal Your Hurt, Love Your Body & Transform Your Life
  • Positively Primal: Finding Health & Happiness in a Hectic World
  • The A-Z of Eating Disorders
  • Wellbeing: Body Confidence, Health & Happiness
  • Ways of Escape
  • England’s Lane

What we cover:

  • The concept of thinness
  • Eating Disorders
  • New motherhood


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