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NOISE: The Book


A Manifesto Modernising Motherhood

NOISE: A Manifesto Modernising Motherhood, is my personal, thought-provoking response to how I believe we can get rid of all the Mother-Stopper culture for GOOD.

A synthesis of my unique experience as a mother of ten, it’s my long overdue conversation to the enduring expectations of being a mother, especially a working mother.

Through a series of anecdotes, relatable experience and actionable mantras, I’ll teach you step-by-step how to counter all the NOISE.

I won’t lie to you. Some of the things we explore in this book will force you to take a hard look at how all the NOISE has shaped you.

It won’t be easy.

We won’t always agree.

If you’re ready to cast out old ways and embrace a different new vision of working motherhood, one that doesn’t see you compromising your right to be YOU despite all the NOISE,

THIS is the book you need.

This isn’t Self-Help

I’ve broken it right down so you can get straight into the juicy bits.

  • Discover why most mothers feel overwhelmed, have no personal time, and struggle to balance work and children.
  • Understand the Mother-Stopper Culture, the powerful system that holds mothers back, and learn how to thrive in spite of it.
  • Learn the exact mantras I’ve used while raising ten kids and building a successful global business, all while nurturing my own identity.
  • Take control of your legacy and ensure your children don’t inherit this same chaos.


“A debrief on motherhood”

– The Telegraph

“Danusia makes motherhood political – giving tangible steps to help shift our societal views on motherhood and make a change.”

– Eve Rodsky, author of NYT Bestseller Fair Play

“I kept saying, yes, yes, YES, all the way through this book. Noise is like a much-needed set of ear defenders against the sadly increasing, not decreasing, clamour of the current age that tells mothers what they should or shouldn’t be. Every mother should shut out the noise and read this.”

– Vicky Allan, co-author of Still Hot!

“Noise is a book that calls you to dive deeply into its core… I want to stand on a corner and hand copies of NOISE out to everyone. I’m a mother of four and the Noise plays in my head every, single day. I think this book might just help me turn the volume down.”

– Emma Campbell, author of All That Followed: A story of cancer, kids and the fear of leaving too soon 

It’s time that a book, instead of sharing instructions on how to be a good mother, created a space for mothers to stop and think…A must read for all mothers and women who are considering motherhood.

– Debbie Gilbert, author of Amazon bestseller: The Successful Mumpreneur

“Danusia urges us to quieten the noise so that our voices can be heard. This book was like breathing in everything that you thought you had to be, and breathing out a new you that is everything you thought you couldn’t.”

– Eleanor Tweddell, author of Why Losing Your Job Could be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

“Noise is one of those books I read and immediately wish I had written…It should be essential reading for every woman”

– Georgie Fuller, journalist

“It is a beautiful thing when a book about motherhood is about people; about remembering that mothers are people in their own right. I think we so often forget that. This is a soothing slap in the face reminder.”

Hollie McNish, author of Nobody Told Me & Slug

This Book Will Give You:

  • An easy-to-follow guide on becoming aware of and countering the constant Mother-Stopping Noise we face every day.
  • Simple activations that you can start implementing immediately to rediscover your true self.
  • Themes that apply to all mothers worldwide.
  • Using relatable experiences and actionable mantras, I share how I’ve achieved international success in my career and raised a happy and successful family of ten children without compromising my own identity.