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The School for Mothers sends two email newsletters a week that people look forward to receiving—which means they open & read it then often write to me. Although relatively new in the newsletter scene we’ve got a fast growing engaged subscriber list with a 30%+ open rate (which is on-the-up each and every week). SFM Classifieds run in our Wednesday newsletter and are like old-fashioned newspaper ads wrapped in the loving embrace of GIFs and links, and delivered via email. Rates start at £25 for 140 characters and £50 for 280 characters. Scroll down for ad ideas and inspiration. 

You choose the Wednesday it runs, and you write the text. The deadline to submit an ad for Wednesday’s newsletter is Tuesday at 4pm BST, although space might sell out before that, so it’s best to buy early. All classifieds are subject to my approval. I don’t supply click-through data, but if you’d like to track clicks on your link I recommend creating a free bit.ly account. 

To book your Classified Ad email me on: hello@schoolformothers.com 


There are so many great things you can do with a SFM Classified. Unapologetically self-promote. Shout out your course, cause or campaign. Job-hunt or lure new Twitter//Insta followers. Find investors or get your Kickstarter funded. Locate new clients. Say happy birthday to a friend. Offload your unwanted possessions. Find true love {we’re 90:10 F:M at the moment}. Publish your haiku. If you’re looking for specific inspiration, here are a few ad suggestions:

  • Support the person you want to become. Book your SFM DISCOUNTED session with Possible Life, a coaching service for the creative, ambitious, & stuck.
  • A weekly newsletter featuring 10 long form and multimedia stories by women of colour. Delivered Sundays.
  • Listen to Weed for You podcast. Women share personal stories about cannabis + sleep, migraines, endometriosis, pregnancy and more!
  • “I get so much time back w/ a newsletter I trust to curate the week’s best reads—& make me lol!” An opinion & culture weekly for modern women.
  • Want to be published? Get the Storytelling Kit, a roadmap to publishing your stories from a NatGeo, BBC, + published photographer & writer.
  • Happy B-Day & Best Year to MONICA SMITH: Mega badass, inspiration, and lifelong bestie. Love you so much, C
  • Men, Date me: 43, 5’3” F, 6’3” attitude. TV producer, messy hair. Lives for second winds. Ask me to share chocolate at misschief@gmail.com
  • Leadership development consultant with 10+ yrs experience seeks progressive organisations for rock the results projects. Lets talk.
  • Looking for custom talks or speeches? Feminist Speech writer available. Daisy Priceman wants her words in your mouth. Use SFM for 15% off
  • Money Mastermind focused on Investment starting July 2020. Pitch development in a safe yet challenging group. 20% SFM discount applies 
  • Life Coach offering 45 minute free sessions in return for feedback and possible positive testimonials for use on new website.  Email David  
  • Book writers. I took 5 weeks, 2 days 10 hours to complete my business bestseller. I teach my strategies, tips and hacks. 1:1 available.
  • NED opportunity sought by Corporate Governance specialist. Adding diversity/value to pale, male & stale boards. Contact Sara in confidence