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Available Page Modules

Add Content Blocks


— The top banner of all the pages, with the ability to add any banner image



— Ability to Add a full-width optin to any page, with the desired taglines


Peach Block

— This is a full-width block that allows centred content of your choosing


Peach Block with Image

— This section allows half text on the right with an image of your choice on the left


Lavender Block

— This section has a lavender background with centred text


List Block

— Allows a background image of your choosing, and a list


Split Content (More Image)

— This is a split between text on the left and an image on the right, with the image taking up more space than the text


Split Content (More Text)

— This is a split between image and text where the text portion is larger, and the image is smaller


Interview Block

— Allows you to choose an interview that you want to feature


Resource Grid

— Currently found on the home page, this is a grid of 3 highlighted pages


About Block

— Uses a background image of your choosing, and overlays the blue about block


Backstory Block

— White text overlaying a full-width image


Fullbleed quote

— A full width background image, containing a quote or text box with a button


Purple CTA

— White writing on the purple background, with a CTA button


Upcoming Events

— Automatically pulls in the next 2 upcoming events


Recent Interviews

— Automatically pulls in the 3 most recent interviews


Instagram Block

— Inserts Instagram Feed

Speaking Block

— The text on the white background that is at the top of the Speaking Page


Quote Slider

— The ability to put in any quote/image combination


Contact Info

— All of this info at the top of the contact form can be entered elsewhere as well when creating a new page


Hiring Form

— This is another kind of Contact form where they can contact you for speaking/coaching