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Find Fulfillment and Raise Your Family

Let’s make your ambitions front & centre –

even while you care for your kids.

You’re A Whole Woman First, And A Mother Second.


It sounds simple, but shifting your priorities back to yourself means you:


Get clear on what you want out of your career and home life.

Drop the guilt (or at least manage it) so it doesn’t paralyse you.

Build the mindset of a mother in charge of her own path.

Rewire the neural pathways that tell you to sacrifice yourself for others.

Create more time & space in your day-to-day by focussing only on what you want.

You Can Be a Great Mum And a Thriving Human With a Stellar Career, Big Ambitions & a Hobby (or 3)


Meet Our Founder, Danusia

As the Founder & CEO of a successful C-suite consultancy and the mother of ten, I know what it takes to build a life that feels good — even when people might give me the side-eye.

Our varying cultures and circumstances mean all of our families live and love differently. But our unwavering desire to create meaningful, rich lives for ourselves & our children is the same for all of us, all of the time.

We’re spoon-fed these heaping piles of bullsh** that life is our oyster — right up until the second we become mothers. Then it’s all about sacrifice, late nights, and coming last on the list, right?


Here at the School for Mothers, we reframe what’s possible so you can have kids and a career, without the guilt or second-guessing. Set yourself free, Mama. There’s so much potential waiting for you on the other side of this cultural malarky.